Rascal founder, Billy Wingrove, has recently repurchased the brand from JD Sports in a deal whose value remains undisclosed. This development comes after JD Sports made the decision to remove Rascal Clothing from its lineup of labels being sold to Frasers Group. JD Sports had classified Rascal as a non-core fashion business, along with 14 other brands, and had announced its intention to divest from them in December. This move was part of JD Sports’ strategy to shift its focus towards its sports chains.

In February, it was revealed that Billy Wingrove had exercised his right to reclaim the Rascal brand, in accordance with the terms of the initial purchase agreement made in early 2019. As a result, Wingrove now becomes the sole proprietor of Topgrade Sportswear, the parent company of Rascal.

While Rascal primarily focuses on children’s fashion, it also offers clothing for adults. With the brand’s significant growth since its establishment in 2014, Wingrove aims to capitalize on its success and propel it further. Wingrove himself is a well-known digital content creator, gaining recognition through the popular football-focused F2Freestylers YouTube channel. He went on to establish his own channel, The Wingrove Family, which has quickly become one of the fastest-growing YouTube family channels in the UK. This offers Rascal great potential for exposure as Wingrove strives to expand the brand.

Wingrove has expressed his plans to introduce a fresh and innovative catalog for Rascal, encompassing a wide range of clothing genres, while prioritizing style, quality, and accessibility. Although Rascal’s primary market remains junior fashion, Wingrove is keen to emphasize that the brand’s clothing is not limited to children only. They also offer unique ranges for adults of both genders. Expanding the brand’s market presence in these areas is a key goal for the company.

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