Reactive Pricing Platform BlackCurve Raises £750K in Funding

BlackCurve, a pioneering pricing website, has announced that it has successfully secured an additional £750,000 in funding. This brings the platform’s total funds raised to an impressive £3.7 million. The recent injection of capital will be utilized to fuel the company’s growth in its core online markets and drive down costs.

At its core, BlackCurve employs cutting-edge technology to provide decision intelligence to retailers. It offers an innovative solution that enables retailers to evaluate and optimize their product pricing decisions. The platform’s unique feature allows retailers to set rules that dynamically adjust prices in response to competitor behavior, much like the advanced pricing systems adopted by e-commerce titan Amazon.

Designed specifically to give small- and medium-sized e-commerce businesses a competitive edge over larger rivals, BlackCurve automates the process of mapping customers’ inventories to competitor product listings. By doing so, the platform empowers its users to make intelligent pricing decisions, which ultimately improve their digital marketing performance and increase sales.

BlackCurve’s remarkable success is rooted in its ability to provide tangible benefits to its global customer base, which includes numerous fashion firms. Retailers have witnessed significant improvements in their pricing strategies, leading to a substantial increase in both sales and profits. Founder Philip Huthwaite emphasized that BlackCurve aims to level the playing field by bringing Amazon-style pricing capabilities to small- and medium-sized retailers, supporting businesses ranging from startups to more established firms.

Overall, the recent funding injection will undoubtedly enable BlackCurve to continue its impressive trajectory and cement its position as a leading player in the reactive pricing platform market.

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