JD Sports, the popular sports retailer, is revolutionizing the in-store shopping experience by introducing augmented reality (AR) technology. In partnership with Zero10, JD Sports has integrated Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology into its stores. This collaboration allows customers to digitally try on apparel from JD Sports’ Need it Now campaign. Adding to the excitement, the AR Mirror, powered by a supercomputer, renders clothing in 4k resolution, providing customers with a realistic and immersive experience. Not only can customers virtually try on clothes, but they can also initiate purchases directly from the screen. This cutting-edge technology is currently available at JD Sports’ flagship stores in New York and Chicago for a limited time. [Link to JD Sports’ website](JD Sports)

Safilo, the renowned eyewear giant, has reported a decline in net sales for the second quarter of this year. The company experienced a 6.6% drop in net sales at constant exchange rates, primarily due to weakness in the North American market and the former Grand Vision business in Europe. Safilo holds licenses for popular brands such as Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. However, despite the decrease in net sales, the company saw a rebound in the Asia Pacific region, with a remarkable 36% increase in sales from April to June.

Marimekko, the iconic Finnish design house known for its vibrant prints, is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Unikko print at Copenhagen Fashion Week. To mark this milestone, Marimekko will be hosting an open-for-all fashion show and will also be opening a flagship store in Copenhagen in the coming autumn. The new store will showcase Marimekko’s SS24 collection and will serve as a dynamic and creative hub for the brand’s community. Copenhagen is a critical city in the global fashion and design industry, and this flagship store will undoubtedly help Marimekko expand its presence and build brand awareness in Europe. [Link to Marimekko’s website](Marimekko)

Revlon Group Holdings has appointed Elizabeth (Liz) A Smith as interim CEO. Smith, who has been serving as executive chair of the board since May, will continue in that role. With her extensive experience, including running Bloomin’ Brands and serving as chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Smith is well-equipped to lead Revlon. Debra Perelman, the current president and CEO, will be stepping down but will remain as an advisor during a transition period. This leadership change comes as Revlon emerges from a successful financial restructuring, now possessing approximately $236 million of liquidity.

Boot Barn Holdings, a leading retailer of western and work-related footwear and apparel, has reported an increase in net sales for the first quarter. The company saw a 4.9% rise in net sales, although same store sales experienced a 2.9% decline, attributed to a decrease in e-commerce sales. Despite these challenges, Boot Barn remains optimistic about its future growth and is committed to adapting to the changing retail landscape. In the first quarter, the company achieved a net income of $34.3 million, compared to $39.3 million during the same period the previous year.

These recent developments in the fashion and retail industry highlight the ongoing innovation and challenges faced by brands. JD Sports’ adoption of AR technology showcases their dedication to creating immersive and convenient shopping experiences for customers. Safilo’s decline in net sales underscores the importance of adapting to diverse market conditions and regions. Marimekko’s expansion into Copenhagen and Revlon’s leadership transition reveal their commitment to growth and maintaining a formidable presence in the industry. Lastly, Boot Barn’s positive net sales growth demonstrates the company’s resilience and ability to evolve in a rapidly evolving retail landscape. [Link to Boot Barn’s website](Boot Barn) [Link to Safilo’s website](Safilo)