Refined Brands, a prominent player in the eco- and ethically-focused industry, has recently announced its acquisition of Turtle Doves, a renowned sustainable fashion brand based in Shrewsbury, Britain. Founded by Kate and Graham Holbrook in 2009, Turtle Doves is known for its unique approach of using post-consumer textile waste to create fashionable upcycled clothing and accessories. With sales reaching an impressive £4.5 million in the past year, Turtle Doves has certainly caught the attention of Refined Brands, which already boasts other successful labels like Celtic & Co and Frugi.

This acquisition not only adds value to Refined Brands’ portfolio but also solidifies its position as a leader in sustainable fashion. By uniting brands that share the same eco-friendly values, Refined Brands hopes to capitalize on the growing consumer interest in sustainability. The company envisions combining its brands’ strengths, fostering synergies, and leveraging their complementary nature to further propel their success.

One exciting collaboration already in the works is between Turtle Doves and Celtic & Co. The two brands plan to launch a collection of cashmere mule slippers for the upcoming SS23 season. Handcrafted in Cornwall, these slippers will feature a recycled cashmere upper sourced from Turtle Doves and a British sheepskin lining from Celtic & Co. This collaboration is a testament to the innovative and creative potential within Refined Brands.

Graham Holbrook and his team at Turtle Doves will continue to be part of the business under the new ownership, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining brand continuity. With the support and resources provided by Refined Brands, Turtle Doves will have the opportunity to expand its presence in international markets and reach a wider customer base. Additionally, the brand can now establish partnerships with major retailers and online marketplaces, further increasing its outreach and influence.

Chairman of Refined Brands, Ben Barnett, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, emphasizing that the company was specifically designed to cultivate a family of sustainable fashion labels. He believes that Turtle Doves is a perfect fit for the group and anticipates mutual benefits from the collaboration. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, Refined Brands aims to drive innovation and inspire positive change within the sustainable fashion industry.

James Williams, the Group Managing Director, highlights the significance of these combined brands in the market. With its focus on natural and sustainable fabrics, Refined Brands is well-positioned to capture the attention of ethically conscious consumers. The company recognizes the tremendous opportunity to expand its brands and cater to a growing audience.

Refined Brands’ acquisition of Turtle Doves further solidifies its leadership in the sustainable fashion realm. The company’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices and its innovative portfolio of brands solidify its influence in the industry. As consumer interest in sustainability continues to surge, Refined Brands is well-prepared to meet the demand and make a significant positive impact on the fashion industry.

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