Reiss Holdings Limited, a leading fashion retailer, has announced impressive sales figures for the Christmas period, showcasing its strong recovery from the challenges posed by the pandemic. The company reported a remarkable 20.3% increase in total group sales compared to the previous year. This growth was driven by a surge in both in-store and online sales.

ReissStore, the company’s physical retail arm, experienced an 18.5% rise in sales, indicating a broader trend of consumers returning to physical stores. This is a promising development for brick-and-mortar retailers, as many had been concerned about the growing popularity of online shopping. However, it is Reiss’ online sales that stole the spotlight, with a staggering 22.3% surge. This is particularly noteworthy as several successful retailers have reported a decline in online sales in recent months, attributed to the resurgence of physical stores.

For the second half of the financial year, Reiss has reported a 14.3% increase in store sales and an impressive 18.3% rise in online sales. These figures amount to a total uplift of 16.1% across all sales channels. With the financial year set to conclude on 28 January, Reiss is confident that full-year sales will be around 25% higher than the previous year, setting a new record for the company. Additionally, Reiss anticipates achieving record profit levels.

Despite the challenging economic outlook and uncertainties surrounding the ongoing pandemic, Reiss remains optimistic about its future performance. The company attributes its confidence to factors such as strong brand recognition and international presence. Moreover, Reiss is committed to continually developing its collections and improving its retail and online platform. These strategic initiatives are expected to drive further sales and profit growth in the upcoming year.

Reiss’ CEO, Christos Angelides, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s performance, highlighting the widespread success across all product categories, territories, and sales channels. This indicates that Reiss’ growth is not limited to specific segments but reflects a strong overall performance in the market.

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