Reiss, one of the leading fashion retailers in the UK, has teamed up with male makeup brand War Paint for Men in a strategic move to boost sales in what has been a challenging year. This partnership will allow customers to purchase a range of War Paint for Men products directly from the Reiss webstore, including popular items such as tinted moisturizer, primer, bronzer, concealer, and their latest release, beard and brow gel. These products will also be available for purchase at Reiss stores in both the UK and New York.

The Founder of War Paint for Men, Danny Gray, expressed his confidence in Reiss as the ideal partner for his brand, noting that both companies share a common objective of helping men feel more confident about themselves. Gray highlighted the impact that both fashion and makeup can have on boosting self-esteem and stressed that men can now easily enhance their appearance using War Paint products while shopping for clothes that make them feel good at Reiss.

The Menswear Director of Reiss, Alex Field, also emphasized the significance of War Paint’s narrative and the benefits it offers, especially in terms of men’s mental health. As a retailer that has been dressing men for almost five decades, Reiss aims to provide tools and products that enable men to feel more self-assured in their appearance.

War Paint For Men has experienced an eventful year since its launch in late 2018. In January 2020, the brand signed a deal to open a men’s makeup counter at the renowned John Lewis department store on Oxford Street, which was hailed as the first men’s makeup counter in the UK. Following the success of this counter, plans were unveiled in February to expand to other John Lewis locations.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted these expansion plans. Despite the setback, War Paint received a significant boost in May with a £1 million+ investment package from True, Redrice Ventures, and angel investors. This infusion of funds has allowed the brand to continue expanding its reach.

The collaboration between Reiss and War Paint for Men showcases the growing popularity and acceptance of male grooming and makeup products. As more men are venturing into these categories, retailers and brands are recognizing the opportunity to cater to this expanding market segment. By joining forces with an established fashion retailer like Reiss, War Paint for Men can effectively reach a wider audience and provide men with additional options to enhance their appearance and increase their confidence.

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