According to the latest remuneration report published by Inditex, Marta Ortega, the non-executive chairwoman of the company, will continue to receive a salary of 1 million euros in 2023, the same amount she received in the previous year. In addition to her fixed salary of 900,000 euros per year, she will also receive an extra 100,000 euros for her role as a member of the Board of Directors.

Similarly, the CEO of Inditex, Óscar García Maceiras, will maintain his fixed salary of just over 2 million euros per year for 2023. He will also receive a short-term variable pay of 3.75 million euros and a long-term variable pay of 1.03 million euros for the 2022 financial year. In total, his compensation will amount to almost 7 million euros, excluding the gross profit on his shares, which adds up to 1.44 million euros.

Former executive chairman Pablo Isla is reported to have received or will receive a total of almost 25.8 million euros for the 2022 financial year, including a compensation of almost 23 million euros. Additionally, he received almost 10 million euros for the 2021 financial year.

Inditex’s board of directors recently approved a new long-term incentive plan in cash and shares for the management team, including the executive directors. This plan will be in effect until 2026.

Furthermore, the founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, will receive a significant amount from the company this year. Through his real estate investment arm Pontegadea, he is set to receive a total of 2.21 billion euros. This is a result of the high dividend payout that Inditex has planned for the coming months. As the largest shareholder with 59.29% of the capital, Amancio Ortega is entitled to receive 1.109 billion euros on May 2, with the remaining amount paid six months later.

Overall, the consistent salary of Marta Ortega, along with the lucrative remuneration packages for Inditex’s executives and founder, are a reflection of the company’s success and financial achievements.

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