Renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown has returned to the cosmetics industry with the launch of her new clean beauty line, Jones Road. This venture marks Brown’s first foray into cosmetics since leaving her eponymous brand and the Estée Lauder Companies in 2016.

The inspiration for Jones Road came to Brown during her time driving around the Hamptons using the navigation app Waze. The name of the brand itself pays homage to one of the roads she frequently traveled on.

What sets Jones Road apart from other beauty brands is its commitment to clean formulations. The brand has surpassed the clean cosmetics standards established by the European Union by formulating its products without 2,700 potentially toxic ingredients. This makes Jones Road a leader in the clean beauty movement.

The initial Jones Road collection features six products that are suitable for all ages and skin tones. These include a ‘Miracle Balm’ for the skin, a volumizing mascara, a moisturizing lip gloss, powder and liquid eyeshadows, and a highly pigmented eye pencil.

In line with the current trend of embracing natural beauty, Jones Road promotes a “no-makeup makeup” aesthetic. The brand’s marketing materials showcase models with dewy skin, reflecting the idea of achieving an enhanced, but natural look. Brown describes the line as the “ultimate no-makeup makeup,” allowing users to achieve a flawless appearance without looking like they are wearing any makeup at all.

Jones Road products are reasonably priced, with prices ranging from $22 to $38. As an introduction to the brand, Jones Road also offers a ‘Start-Up Kit’ priced at $68, which includes four essential products. This kit provides customers with a glimpse into the brand’s offerings.

To cater to the needs of its customers, Jones Road plans to regularly release new products on a monthly basis. The brand has made its products easily accessible by offering online purchasing options through their website,

For those interested in adopting a clean beauty routine and achieving a naturally flawless look, Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road line offers an exciting and promising range of products.

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