Renowned Spanish designer Carmen March has announced that she will be closing down her eponymous fashion house at the end of next month. The Mallorca native shared the news on Thursday, expressing her gratitude to those who have supported her throughout her career. March’s brand will cease all activities on May 30th, marking the end of an era for her Latin glamour style.

In recent years, March has captivated audiences with her high-octane fashion collections, presenting them by appointment in Paris. Her Latin New Wave collection, unveiled in a boutique hotel suite in Paris last September, skillfully combined posh punk with Spanish flamenco flair. For her upcoming fall collection, March drew inspiration from Gilda, the iconic movie star known for her daring nude scene. The collection featured Shetland wool bustiers and March’s signature bolero, this time adorned with bold polka dots.

Relaunched in 2016, Carmen March’s collections aimed to celebrate the beauty and sophistication of the modern woman. Structured bustier tops, ruffles, and classic high-waisted pants have become signature pieces for the designer, garnering attention from the international fashion press, retailers, celebrities, and influencers. With a focus on excellence, contemporary femininity, and a deep connection to Spanish heritage, Carmen March’s creative vision has left a lasting impact.

Unfortunately, the closure of Carmen March’s fashion house is not unique in the current industry landscape. The global pandemic has caused severe disruptions, forcing many innovative brands to shut down. The closure of such a well-respected label serves as a stark reminder of the immense impact this crisis has had on the fashion industry.

As Carmen March bids farewell to her fashion house, she extends her heartfelt gratitude to all her supporters. The years of creating transformative pieces and leaving a legacy in the fashion world will not be forgotten. The closure of her brand marks the end of an era, but the influence of Carmen March’s Latin glamour style will undoubtedly continue to inspire.

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