Renzo Rosso, the visionary founder and chairman of OTB group, couldn’t contain his excitement as he reflected on Diesel’s resounding success at the recent Milan Fashion Week show. In his remarks, Rosso underscored the group’s dedication to elevating Diesel’s position in the fiercely competitive fashion industry. Rather than simply striving to establish Diesel as a luxury label, Rosso revealed his aspiration for the brand to emerge as a fresh and contemporary alternative to traditional luxury. He commended the Diesel team for their unwavering commitment to creativity, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative treatments evident in every garment.

While Rosso’s devotion to Diesel is undeniable, he also shed light on his involvement with other esteemed labels within the OTB group. He revealed that they are constantly approached by numerous brands eager to join their ranks. However, Rosso emphasized that he only seeks out “brave” brands that possess a distinctive personality and identity akin to those already represented within their portfolio. Expressing his boundless enthusiasm, Rosso hinted at an engrossing project currently in the works. Nevertheless, he cautiously refrained from disclosing any specifics, deeming it too soon to reveal any details.

A noteworthy collaboration to emerge from Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2023-24 show was their partnership with Durex, a leading brand in safe sex. This collaboration aimed to highlight the importance of practicing safe sex and featured the distribution of a staggering 200,000 condoms. Additionally, an exclusive t-shirt adorned with the iconic Diesel logo, playfully replacing the ‘D’ with the recognizable ‘D’ from Durex, was unveiled. This eye-catching t-shirt is set to be included in a highly anticipated capsule collection scheduled for release in April 2023. Notably, this marks the first-ever collaboration between Durex and a distinguished fashion label, signifying a groundbreaking moment for both brands.

In 2022, the OTB group witnessed a remarkable 14% growth in revenue, impressively reaching a staggering €1.743 billion. This notable surge in revenue can be attributed to the outstanding performance of its prestigious luxury labels, solidifying the group’s position as an industry powerhouse.

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