Retailers such as Farfetch and FW are finding success in offering repair and resale services as alternatives to product replacement, according to a new report. By collaborating with repair service providers like The Restory and implementing repair guarantees, these retailers have seen positive results in terms of reduced costs and strengthened customer loyalty.

These companies have partnered with sustainability organizations like ReLondon and QSA Partners to develop their own customized approaches to becoming more environmentally sustainable businesses. Their efforts have paid off, with Farfetch experiencing growth in the purchases of pre-owned items through its Secondlife and Donate models, and FW reducing warranty return costs by 60% through its gold standard repair service.

In addition to their partnership initiatives, QSA has launched a free learning platform that offers insights from the project to brands interested in embracing sustainability and profitability. This platform further emphasizes the importance of knowledge-sharing and collaboration in driving sustainable business practices.

The success of Farfetch and FW in embracing repair and resale highlights the potential rewards of moving away from the constant replacement of products. By prioritizing environmental sustainability and customer loyalty, these retailers have not only reduced costs but also made significant strides towards reducing their environmental footprint.

As the fashion industry faces mounting pressure to address its environmental impact, other brands should consider following the lead of Farfetch and FW. By offering repair services and promoting resale, retailers can contribute to a more sustainable future while also reaping financial benefits.

The report mentioned serves as a valuable resource for brands interested in adopting circular business models and integrating sustainability into their operations.

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