Eric Bompard, the iconic French brand known for its high-quality cashmere, has experienced a revitalization under the creative direction of Carolyn Randolfi. The brand, founded in 1984 by Eric Bompard, had become stagnant in recent years, but the arrival of Randolfi and the acquisition by investors led by Xavier Marie have breathed new life into the brand.

The acquisition of Eric Bompard placed it within the Compagnie Marco Polo, a company that includes other notable brands such as Paule Ka, Bonton, Le Petit Souk, and Rautureau. This strategic move has allowed Eric Bompard to benefit from shared resources and expertise within the umbrella company.

Randolfi, who joined the brand four seasons ago, wasted no time in infusing Eric Bompard with a modern sense of luxury. She introduced the “Made in France” collection last season, focusing on accessories like headbands and ribbed balaclavas. This season, the collection has expanded to include new knits, all produced in Roanne, a renowned hub for French knitwear. These knits, created using the innovative knitting technique “une machine intégral,” have quickly become best sellers due to their gritty authenticity and soul.

In addition to the new knits, Eric Bompard has ventured into the world of denim with wide-legged androgynous jeans that perfectly complement their exceptional knitwear. The brand has also placed a renewed emphasis on menswear, offering monochromatic varsity jackets and deconstructed blazers with slim lapels, embodying a sense of quiet luxury and quality.

One of the standout elements of the new Eric Bompard collection is the attention to detail. Suede patch pockets with zippers on midnight blue sweaters and hidden grosgrain ribbon trims on snug cardigans add an understated elegance to the pieces. For après ski occasions, the brand offers slimline cashmere tops and track pants with athletic piping and side stripes, catering to those seeking comfort and style during their relaxation getaways.

While the financial details of Eric Bompard under Compagnie Marco Polo are not publicly disclosed, the brand has approximately 70 stores and an estimated annual turnover of around €70 million. As the brand emerges from the challenges of the pandemic, it is evident that Carolyn Randolfi’s revitalization efforts have injected new life and excitement into Eric Bompard.

Randolfi’s impressive career, which includes senior knitwear positions at Ralph Lauren, Prada, and Kenzo, has greatly influenced the brand’s transformation. She has also brought a refreshed color scheme to Eric Bompard, with subtly mottled colors inspired by nature, such as sunsets, flamingos, artic blues, and soft limes.

Under Carolyn Randolfi’s creative direction, Eric Bompard has undergone a remarkable transformation. With its renewed focus on modern luxury, attention to detail, expanded product range, and refreshed color scheme, the brand is poised to captivate a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

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