River Island, the popular UK fashion retailer, has unveiled its plans to modernize its store operations and enhance customer experience through a new tech-driven initiative. The company has joined forces with smart data capture firm Scandit in a strategic partnership that will involve equipping its 3,500 store associates across its 300 stores with Scandit-enabled Samsung Galaxy XCover smartphones.

These smartphones, integrated with Microsoft Teams, are set to replace the previously used shared hardware-based scanning devices. With the new devices, employees will have instant access to important information, enabling them to answer customer queries, check stock availability, retrieve product information, and handle Click & Collect packages as customers enter the store. The smartphones will also support mobile point-of-sale functionality, reducing customer queuing times.

Scandit’s technology allows these smartphones to capture data from various sources, including barcodes, text, IDs, and objects, with speed, accuracy, and intelligence. This seamless integration of technology will greatly increase efficiency for store associates and provide them with real-time data insights.

The partnership with Scandit is a crucial part of River Island’s grand plan to revolutionize its stores nationwide and enhance interactions with both employees and customers. By embracing the latest technology, the company aims to stand out in a highly competitive market and improve day-to-day operations.

Paul Cooper, Head of Technology at River Island, expressed his dedication to digitally transforming their retail stores across the country. Collaborating with Scandit, Samsung, and Microsoft has enabled them to unlock a platform for innovation, elevating their engagement with employees and customers. Scandit’s performance has been pivotal in gaining the trust and support of their store associates, empowering them to deliver an exceptional and efficient customer experience.

CEO of Scandit, Samuel Mueller, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the changing expectations of today’s shoppers. He emphasized how customers now arrive in stores armed with data and expect a seamless and convenient omnichannel experience. Through their collaboration with River Island, Scandit has equipped store associates with real-time information, enabling them to provide a concierge-like service to customers and streamline store operations. Equipping all staff with connected, user-friendly smartphones also helps River Island attract and retain talent in a highly competitive labor market.

By embracing technology and providing store associates with cutting-edge tools, River Island aims to stay ahead of the industry and deliver a superior customer experience. This partnership with Scandit demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and its determination to adapt to the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

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