Fashion retailer Rixo has unveiled its plans for the upcoming year, which involve changes to both its online store and the launch of a new physical location. Starting from February 1st, the brand will no longer offer discounted stock on its website. The ‘archive’ button, which previously allowed shoppers to easily find discounted items, will be removed. This decision by Rixo founders Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey is driven by their commitment to sustainability and their desire to discourage unnecessary purchases solely based on discounts.

This strategic move towards selling at full price on their online platform has the potential to significantly impact Rixo’s profits. In the 12-month period leading up to June 2021, the brand reported impressive profits of £3.5 million from sales totaling £10.3 million. The next set of accounts will be filed later this year in late March, and the elimination of discounts online could potentially further bolster these profits.

In addition to the change in their online store, Rixo has exciting news for their customers. The brand is all set to open a flagship store on King’s Road in Chelsea in April. Spanning an impressive 5,000 square feet, the new store will join Rixo’s existing stores on Carnaby Street and Marylebone. Rixo’s founders are thrilled about this expansion, recognizing it as a significant investment for the brand. The flagship store will offer a wide range of Rixo designs, including their bridal range and accessories. Adding to the shopping experience, customers will also have the opportunity to enjoy a coffee shop at the store. The objective is to create an immersive environment for customers to fully engage with the Rixo brand and its offerings.

These strategic moves by Rixo demonstrate their dedication to sustainability and providing an enhanced customer experience. By eliminating discounts online, Rixo aims to encourage mindful purchasing decisions, while also potentially boosting their profits. The introduction of the flagship store on King’s Road reflects the brand’s commitment to expanding their physical presence and offering customers a memorable experience. With these developments, Rixo continues to solidify its position as a prominent player in the fashion industry.

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