Rochas has recently made an important announcement regarding its fashion business. The brand will be rejoining Interparfums, its former partner, starting next year. This means that Interparfums will now fully manage Rochas, taking charge of all marketing, communications, and licensing activities for the Rochas Fashion mainline. Previously, these responsibilities were overseen by HIMCO, another partner company of Rochas.

This decision comes after two years of HIMCO being responsible for developing Rochas fashion. During this time, Creative Director Charles de Vilmorin played a significant role in shaping the brand. However, de Vilmorin recently left the label in April, leaving HIMCO to continue producing the line. Meanwhile, Interparfums will guide Rochas into its next fashion chapter.

Rochas took a different approach to showcase its latest collection during the last Paris Fashion Week. Instead of a traditional runway show, the brand opted for a presentation. As for the upcoming PFW, Interparfums has not provided specific details but has confirmed Rochas’ participation in the event in September. This will be an opportunity for Rochas to showcase its collection for Spring/Summer 2024, designed by the label’s Creative Studio.

Charles de Vilmorin’s tenure at Rochas was relatively short, lasting less than two years. His unexpected appointment as the then-24-year-old French designer came at a time when many fashion labels were looking to bring in new and unique creative directors. For instance, Ann Demeulemeester appointed Ludovic de Saint Sernin as creative director in late 2022, only to end his contract six months later.

Interparfums has been the owner of Rochas since 2015 and has witnessed various head designers come and go over the years, including Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Federico Curradi for menswear. Nevertheless, the brand discontinued its menswear line in 2020.

By rejoining Interparfums, Rochas is embarking on a new chapter for its fashion business. With the full support and management of Interparfums, the brand is determined to regain its position in the fashion industry and continue creating stunning collections that will captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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