Ron Dorff, a men’s premium bodywear brand, has recently received a €4 million investment from Puma Private Equity. This funding will provide crucial support for the brand’s aggressive growth strategy and its plans to enter new geographic markets, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. With this investment, Ron Dorff becomes part of Puma’s portfolio of investments, joining fellow apparel business, Le Col.

Renowned for its blend of Swedish functionality and French style, Ron Dorff offers a diverse range of products, including sportswear, homewear, underwear, and swimwear. Despite the difficult economic climate during 2020, the brand has experienced promising sales, particularly online.

The investment from Puma Private Equity is expected to expedite Ron Dorff’s expansion into the US market in the coming years. CEO Claus Lindorff founded the company in 2012 as an online venture before opening its first physical store in Paris in 2013. Since then, Ron Dorff has grown with two concessions in Parisian department stores and the opening of a second store on the Left Bank in 2017. In response to customer demand, the brand expanded further into London in 2016 and Berlin in 2019.

At present, Ron Dorff sells its products wholesale in over 80 countries and operates five of its own brand stores, two of which are located in London. Additionally, it has established partnerships with over 70 high-end wholesalers across the globe.

Rupert West, the Managing Director of Puma Private Equity, expressed confidence in Ron Dorff’s potential for growth. He commended Claus Lindorff and his team for their impressive work in expanding the business and positioning Ron Dorff for international success. West noted that the brand has ambitious growth plans, making it an exciting investment for Puma Private Equity.

With the support of Puma Private Equity’s investment, Ron Dorff is well prepared to accelerate its growth and extend its presence in the global market. With its unique combination of functionality and style, the brand is poised for continued success in the years ahead.

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