Toronto-based apparel lifestyle brand Roots Corporation has appointed Joey Gollish as a creative director in residence. Gollish, the founder and creative director of fashion label Mr. Saturday, will work alongside Karuna Scheinfeld, the chief product officer at Roots, to lead the creative and design teams. This collaboration is expected to last until 2025.

Roots and Mr. Saturday have previously collaborated on various projects, including the successful ‘Roots Saturday Airlines’ capsule collection. Gollish has also worked with Roots on leather outerwear, travel bags, and accessories for Mr. Saturday’s fall/winter 2023 runway show in Paris.

This appointment is significant as it marks the first time in Roots’ history that they have brought in an outside creative to the brand. However, Gollish will continue to oversee the design and creative direction of Mr. Saturday during this period. As part of the agreement, Roots will also make a minority investment in the fashion brand.

Meghan Roach, the president & CEO of Roots, expressed the importance of staying innovative and forward-looking in today’s market. She believes that Gollish’s love for the Roots brand and unique perspective will contribute to increasing the brand’s global appeal. She looks forward to the exciting opportunities this collaboration will bring to Roots as they celebrate their 50th year.

Gollish founded Mr. Saturday in 2019 and has gained recognition at prestigious fashion events such as New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. He has been named Canada’s 2022 Menswear Designer of The Year and recognized by Vogue and Complex. His appointment as creative director at Roots is expected to bring a fresh perspective while respecting the brand’s history.

Roots has been expanding its collection to include sustainable content and has introduced gender-free and extended sizes. This collaboration with Gollish represents another step in the brand’s evolution.

Gollish expressed his honor in taking on the role of creative director for a brand deeply rooted in his heritage. He looks forward to reflecting on Roots’ past and shaping its future. Gollish aims to prioritize authenticity, craftsmanship, community, luxury, and storytelling, values that align with Mr. Saturday’s ethos. He is grateful for the support of the founders and executive team and is excited to embrace this new challenge in his career.

With Gollish leading as creative director, Roots can bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the brand while maintaining its commitment to heritage and craftsmanship. This collaboration signals an exciting new chapter for Roots as they celebrate their 50th anniversary and continue their efforts to drive growth and global appeal.

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