Roseanna, the Parisian women’s fashion brand that entered receivership in November 2022, has successfully found a buyer. The Paris commercial court has ruled in favor of a bid made by a trio of investors comprising Christel Dagher Hayeck, Jacques-Edouard Sabatier, and Edgard Bonte, over another potential buyer, Sézane.

The agreed-upon offer includes the acquisition of 22 employees, the head office, stocks, one of Roseanna’s boutiques on rue Froissart in Paris, and three corners in the city’s department stores. The total price for these assets, excluding goods, amounts to €325,000. The trio of investors has extensive industry experience, working in companies such as Kiabi and Auchan Retail. Notably, Bonte is a member of the Mulliez family and the cousin by marriage of Roseanna’s founder, Anne-Fleur Broudehoux.

Anne-Fleur Broudehoux, who will continue as creative director and president of Roseanna, expresses her optimistic outlook for the brand’s future under the new ownership. She sees this development as a fresh start for Roseanna, emphasizing continuity and a strong foundation. Broudehoux also values the brand’s independence and is grateful for the association with the capital of the new entity Rosa sas.

Barbara Quaranta, the managing director of Roseanna since 2018, will be departing from the company to pursue personal projects. Her successor will be appointed in the coming months. The trio of investors, along with Anne-Fleur Broudehoux, shares the excitement and potential of Roseanna. Dagher Hayeck highlights the company’s quality, sales growth, unique style, and responsible approach, which captivated them. They are determined to leverage what has already been achieved.

Interestingly, Sézane, a women’s brand with similar premium positioning and rapid expansion, also made an offer to acquire Roseanna. Sézane, backed by investment from the Bettencourt family’s fund, Téthys Invest, intended to relaunch Roseanna online while retaining some employees. However, the court favored the trio of investors due to the offered continuity and growth potential.

Founded in 2007, Roseanna encountered financial difficulties, particularly worsened by the pandemic. The brand had recently opened several boutiques in Paris prior to the pandemic, leading to financial strain. Repaying its state-guaranteed loan and external factors like the Omicron variant and the conflict in Ukraine have added to Roseanna’s challenges.

Financial reports indicate that in the fiscal year ending in March 2022, Roseanna achieved an annual turnover of €5.7 million but suffered a net loss of €973,000. The brand is also distributed by almost 150 multi-brand retailers, with wholesale constituting 50% of its activity.

Under the new ownership, Roseanna’s primary focus will be on solidifying its foundations and implementing an omnichannel strategy. The brand aims to expand its digital presence, forge new wholesale partnerships, and continue operating physical stores. Dagher Hayeck plans to open additional stores in 2024 with international expansion in mind.

To conclude, Roseanna has been given a new lease on life through its acquisition by a trio of investors. Despite facing significant challenges, the brand possesses a robust foundation and a distinct style that resonates with its audience. With the support of the new owners, Roseanna aims to rebuild and expand its online and offline presence.

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