Rossignol, the French mountain sport equipment specialist, is embarking on a restructuring of its ski production operations in response to challenges in the winter sports industry. The company is aiming to streamline its industrial operations and implement a cost-cutting program.

One of the main reasons behind the need for restructuring is the decline in sales and output volumes for equipment specialists due to the increasing popularity of ski renting. Furthermore, irregular snowfall rates in mountain resorts have added to the difficulties faced by the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has also dealt a blow to the market, with volumes expected to decrease by approximately 25% in 2020.

To address these challenges, Rossignol plans to restructure its ski production organization and reduce its workforce by cutting 92 out of its 1,310 employees. The majority of job cuts will take place at the Sallanches factory, where 61 positions will be eliminated. However, the company also expects to create 15 new jobs as it adapts and transforms its business.

There have been rumors circulating in local media that some production from the Sallanches factory may be moved to the Artés facility in Spain. Rossignol has clarified that each site will have specific roles, with high-volume ski production being concentrated at the Artés factory. This strategic move is intended to enhance productivity and optimize manufacturing costs. Meanwhile, the Sallanches factory will focus on key ski production facilities, particularly junior ski models and limited-edition top-quality skis.

In addition to the restructuring of production, Rossignol is committed to reducing costs. The company’s management has presented a program to employee representatives aimed at reducing expenditure and fixed costs, which includes measures such as cutting back on business travel, samples, and trade shows.

Despite the challenges faced by the winter sports industry, Rossignol remains dedicated to maintaining its industrial operations in France and western Europe. The company’s brand portfolio includes well-known names like Dynastar, Lange, Look, Risport, and Dale of Norway.

In 2019, Rossignol generated approximately €370 million in revenue. The company’s reorganization and cost-cutting efforts are expected to position it for future success and ensure its continued presence in the market.

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