Italian eyewear company Safilo is broadening the reach of its Blenders Eyewear brand by expanding to the UK and Ireland through its e-commerce platform. Last year, Safilo acquired a 70% stake in the US-based sunglasses brand and has since successfully launched it in Canada and Australia. Blenders Eyewear specifically targets Millennials and Gen Z in English-speaking markets with its range of sunglasses and snow goggles inspired by the California lifestyle. CEO of Safilo, Angelo Trocchia, views this expansion into new markets as a fundamental component of the company’s commitment to digital transformation. Chase Fisher, the founder and CEO of Blenders, expressed his enthusiasm about introducing the brand to the European market and highlighting their focus on fashion-forward consumers. This strategic move aligns perfectly with Safilo’s objective to accelerate the growth of its direct-to-consumer channel and establish a global community that draws inspiration from their products.
Additionally, Safilo aims to foster deeper engagement with their target audience by building a strong online presence and expanding their product range to suit diverse consumer preferences. By venturing into the UK and Ireland markets, Safilo is capitalizing on the popularity of Blenders Eyewear and its strong appeal to a youthful and fashion-conscious customer base. The company recognizes the significant potential in the European market and is eager to offer their unique eyewear designs to a wider audience.
As part of their digital transformation strategy, Safilo has been continuously investing in their online platform, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for their customers. By leveraging their e-commerce platform, they can effectively showcase Blenders Eyewear and cater to the growing demand for trendy and high-quality sunglasses. This move not only strengthens Safilo’s position as a global eyewear leader but also solidifies their commitment to staying ahead in an increasingly competitive market.
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