Saint Laurent, the renowned French luxury label, has recently announced impressive results for the first quarter of 2022, with a remarkable 37% increase in comparable sales. These outstanding numbers were revealed during the quarterly results presentation of its parent company, Kering group. Jean-Marc Duplaix, the Chief Financial Officer of Kering, commended Saint Laurent’s exceptional growth and attributed it to the brand’s strong connection with its local customer base in key markets.

Unlike its counterpart Gucci, Saint Laurent has proven to be more resilient to the challenges posed by lockdown policies in China. This resilience is evident in the brand’s revenue generation of €739 million in Q1, with direct-to-consumer sales constituting an impressive 72% of its overall business. Notably, significant growth was observed in sales from North America and Western Europe, while the Asia-Pacific and Japan markets also experienced comfortable increases.

Saint Laurent is fully committed to expanding its retail distribution and further enriching its product range. Currently operating 268 monobrand stores worldwide, the brand intends to slow down the pace of store openings in 2022. Instead, it aims to harness its current momentum and concentrate on strengthening its merchandise assortment.

The success of Saint Laurent in the leather goods segment has been a major driver of its remarkable growth. Moreover, its phenomenal progress in the highly competitive ready-to-wear category has consolidated its position as a benchmark in the market. Overall, the brand’s strategic approach to merchandising, retail distribution, and product pricing has played a crucial role in its consistent and impressive growth. These results are in line with the ambitious plan unveiled in 2017, aiming for annual growth of at least 20%.

The brand’s close ties with its local markets and its focus on a targeted product range have been instrumental in Saint Laurent’s success. The current growth trajectory demonstrates that the brand has not only surpassed pre-Covid levels but has also achieved a significant increase in revenue compared to Q1 of 2019. With the leadership of CEO Francesca Bellettini and creative director Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent is in a strong position to continue its upward trajectory in the luxury fashion industry.

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