Saks Fifth Avenue has recently announced the highly anticipated opening of its new women’s store in Beverly Hills, a milestone event in the history of department stores in Los Angeles. The new location, situated at 9570 Wilshire Boulevard, holds significant importance as it was previously home to the renowned Barneys New York department store before its closure four years ago. Under the ownership of Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp. since 2001, the building underwent extensive renovations carried out by the HBC group in 2020 after acquiring the Barney’s brand.

The revamp of the store was entrusted to renowned architecture and design firm, Arcadis, who are known for their exceptional work on the new Tiffany’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York. Arcadis successfully brought the distinct identity of the Saks Fifth Avenue brand to life while also paying homage to the building’s rich history. The new store spans an impressive six levels and covers a sprawling 136,000 square feet, offering a carefully curated selection of luxury fashion and accessories from both iconic and emerging designer brands. With over 25 new brands joining the lineup, the Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills store promises to deliver a fresh and exciting shopping experience.

One notable feature of the new store is the spacious 5,000-square-foot area on the main floor dedicated solely to footwear, doubling the size of the shoe department compared to the previous location. The main floor will also house an extensive collection of handbags and leather goods, catering to the discerning tastes of fashion enthusiasts. Moving up to the second floor, shoppers will be treated to a haven of fine jewelry, featuring limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces from globally renowned jewelers. The third and fourth floors will be dedicated to designer collections from premier luxury brands, including Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Celine, and Valentino, among others.

Saks Fifth Avenue has gone above and beyond to create dedicated boutique spaces within the store for leading luxury fashion houses. Noteworthy examples include Chanel on the fifth floor, and Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton on the second floor. Such partnerships further elevate the shopping experience, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite luxury brands. But the exceptional offerings of the new location don’t stop there.

In addition to the remarkable variety of fashion and accessories, the new women’s store will also provide unique luxury services and highly personalized experiences. The expanded Fifth Avenue Club located within the store will comprise 15 luxurious private styling suites staffed by a team of expert Saks stylists, offering personalized shopping and styling services. Furthermore, an exclusive private outdoor terrace boasting stunning views of the Hollywood Hills will be available, providing shoppers with a peaceful retreat within the bustling city.

Luxury services at the new Saks Fifth Avenue women’s store extend beyond fashion. The store will feature beauty treatment rooms, allowing customers to indulge in pampering experiences by appointment only. Private jewelry viewings add an additional layer of exclusivity, letting customers explore exquisite pieces in a discreet and intimate setting. To top it off, an on-demand beverage service throughout the store ensures that shoppers have their every need catered to while enjoying a truly indulgent retail experience.

Larry Bruce, President of Saks Fifth Avenue stores, expressed his pride in the deep-rooted relationship the brand has fostered with the Beverly Hills community over the past 80 years. With the opening of this impressive new store, Bruce sees an opportunity to solidify Saks Fifth Avenue’s position as the leading destination for luxury fashion in the area, offering an elevated shopping experience unlike any other.

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