Sales of holiday clothing in the UK have seen a boost as lockdown restrictions begin to ease. According to a Retail Recovery Report from discount aggregator site LovetheSales, British consumers are eager to engage in “normal” activities, particularly going on holidays. The recent lifting of quarantine regulations on 59 countries has immediately influenced shopping searches, as people ditch their lockdown sweaters for swimwear and beach clothing.

Initially, many UK consumers believed that holidays would be impossible this year. However, the prospect of being able to travel has generated a strong surge in online demand for key holiday items. Year-on-year, sales of dresses have increased by 82%, while sandals, sunglasses, bikinis, and swim shorts have seen a respective uptick of 26% and 22% each. Certain items, such as tie-dye bikinis, linen shorts, and puff sleeve wrap dresses, have experienced even greater increases in demand, ranging from 83% to 400%.

Interestingly, holiday clothing searches now outnumber searches for “stay-at-home fashion” for the first time. LovetheSales predicts that this trend is likely to continue in the coming months. Retailers are anticipated to offer significant discounts to clear their summer stock, with the volume of markdowns being 22% higher this July compared to the previous year. Notably, the products with the highest demand often coincide with the items that have received the largest price cuts, such as sandals, dresses, bikinis, and swim shorts.

In a separate trend, lingerie has experienced a noteworthy increase in online demand during the lockdown period. LovetheSales suggests that one reason for Victoria’s Secret’s struggles in the UK is its lack of investment in an efficient online model specific to the country. While Victoria’s Secret’s UK operations were not part of its recent administration process, online demand for the brand saw a decline of 22% during the lockdown. On the other hand, brands like Ann Summers, La Senza, and Agent Provocateur saw respective increases in online demand of 82%, 23%, and 22%.

In addition, LovetheSales analyzed the impact of the local lockdown in Leicester, the first UK area to undergo such restrictions. The company observed significant spikes in online traffic from Leicester, with residents searching for “lockdown essentials.” In terms of fashion, the demand for loungewear in Leicester rose by as much as 200%.

Overall, as lockdown measures ease and holiday plans become a reality, UK consumers are eager to purchase holiday clothing and accessories. Online searches and purchases reflect this growing excitement, and retailers are capitalizing on the increased demand by offering attractive discounts. Moreover, the lockdown period has emphasized the importance of a strong online presence and efficient e-commerce models, as seen in the contrasting performances of lingerie brands in the UK market. As the situation continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how consumer preferences in fashion and shopping habits continue to develop.

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