Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc., a renowned beauty retailer and expert in hair care products, has recently announced its brand relaunch. The company has made significant changes to its brand identity and has launched a multimedia campaign to accompany the rebranding. In addition, select Sally Beauty stores will now offer an enhanced store experience, along with the introduction of new influencer and rewards programs.

The main objective behind Sally Beauty’s relaunch is to establish itself as the ultimate destination for professional-grade beauty products that can be effortlessly used at home. This ambition is reflected in the company’s new motto, which is “Unleash Your PROtential.” By revamping its brand and instilling this message, Sally Beauty aims to invite customers to embrace their inner professional beauty expert.

Certain Sally Beauty locations will now feature an entirely new store environment that incorporates AI technology, upgraded point-of-sale systems, revised brand messaging, improved store navigation, and well-informed associates who can assist shoppers in making well-informed purchasing decisions. This upgraded store experience is designed to provide customers with a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey.

As part of its relaunch, Sally Beauty is now accepting applications for its innovative #SallyCrew influencer program. The company plans to select five #SallyCrew members who will take on the role of brand ambassadors for the company. These influencers will receive a one-year paid contract, potentially worth up to $150,000, along with professional business coaching and spokesperson opportunities. The goal of this program is to empower consumers and engage audiences in exciting and meaningful ways.

Furthermore, Sally Beauty has introduced a mobile app that seamlessly complements its mobile-first website. The app offers exclusive in-app offers and provides users with the ColorView AI experience, which enables them to virtually try out different hair colors before making a purchase. Additionally, the app supports the revamped Sally Beauty rewards program, providing users with an easy way to track their points and access reward certificates.

In its fiscal year 2019, Sally Beauty Holdings reported impressive net earnings of $271.6 million on revenues of $3.88 billion. Moving forward, the company intends to continue promoting its brand relaunch throughout fiscal year 2020 with national media and market activations.

Overall, this rebranding initiative by Sally Beauty symbolizes the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality beauty products and providing customers with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. By embracing technology, engaging influential individuals, and upgrading its rewards program, Sally Beauty aims to strengthen its position in the beauty industry and appeal to a broader customer base.

For more information on Sally Beauty’s brand relaunch and its latest offerings, please visit: Sally Beauty Website and Sally Beauty Mobile App.