Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo has partnered with online luxury shopping retailer Farfetch in an effort to expand its digital presence and appeal to a younger audience. The collaboration will see Ferragamo utilizing Farfetch’s platform for its e-commerce operations, aiming to engage with a global Millennial and Gen Z luxury audience. This move comes as Ferragamo seeks to rejuvenate its image and connect with younger luxury shoppers.

José Neves, Farfetch’s CEO, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that Ferragamo’s outstanding product and creativity, combined with Farfetch’s marketing capabilities and innovative digital experiences, will captivate a unique new audience globally.

This collaboration is part of Ferragamo’s larger strategy to turn around its business and increase sales. The fashion house recently hired former Burberry Chief Executive Marco Gobbetti, who plans to double Ferragamo’s sales to nearly €2.3 billion ($2.4 billion) by 2026. Gobbetti aims to achieve this by investing in marketing and communication, renovating stores, improving technology, and enhancing the group’s supply chain.

By partnering with Farfetch, Ferragamo hopes to tap into the digital market and attract a younger demographic of luxury consumers. The combination of Ferragamo’s rich heritage of creativity and craftsmanship with Farfetch’s marketing expertise and innovative digital experiences is expected to be a winning strategy.

Ferragamo is not alone in recognizing the importance of online platforms and engaging with younger consumers. Many luxury fashion brands have been ramping up their e-commerce efforts and digital presence to cater to the growing demand for luxury goods online. This partnership with Farfetch represents a significant step for Ferragamo as it strives to stay competitive in the evolving luxury retail landscape.

Collaborations between established luxury brands and e-commerce platforms have become commonplace in the fashion industry’s increasingly digital nature. These partnerships not only provide brands with access to a wider customer base but also offer consumers a seamless and convenient shopping experience. As Ferragamo embraces this shift and the digital era, its partnership with Farfetch will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in reshaping its future success.

Through this collaboration, Ferragamo aims to leverage Farfetch’s global reach and digital capabilities to connect with consumers worldwide. This move is particularly crucial as the luxury industry relies heavily on the Millennial and Gen Z demographics for growth. By targeting these younger consumers through Farfetch’s platform, Ferragamo aims to establish a stronger presence in the online luxury market.

The partnership between Ferragamo and Farfetch is a significant milestone for both brands. Farfetch, known for its selection of luxury fashion and cutting-edge technology, gains another prestigious brand to add to its portfolio. Ferragamo, on the other hand, gains access to Farfetch’s vast customer base and digital resources, enabling the brand to reach a broader audience and showcase its exceptional products.

As Ferragamo embraces the digital realm and continues its efforts to revitalize its brand, the partnership with Farfetch presents an exciting opportunity for growth. By combining Ferragamo’s rich heritage and craftsmanship with Farfetch’s digital expertise, the fashion house is well-positioned to engage with the younger generation of luxury consumers and propel its business forward in the competitive online market.

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