Compatibility in love between Scorpio and Aquarius is on a low level, as each has a very personal view of what life is all about. This means that there is essentially no affinity between these two zodiac signs and that an emotional relationship between them would be somewhat complicated, especially when it comes to resolving some aspects of life as a couple, as their differences create conflicts rather than support each other.

As it turns out, Scorpio and Aquarius seem to have more differences than points in common. Here we have a fixed water sign such as Scorpio joining an equally fixed Aquarius air sign. Now, it is true that air and water are two compatible energies, but not when we have gods as rulers like Pluto and Uranus, the first resident down in hell, the second up in the luminous sky of idealism.

However, we all know that sometimes the two opposites attract. In fact, both are predisposed to the crush. Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs and this can lead to an initial attraction. Scorpio sees an incredible, interesting and fascinating person in Aquarius who cannot resist the seductive charm and great strength of character of the other, both being amazed and seduced at the same time.

But, in order for this union to give them no more sorrows than joys, they will have to strive to appreciate each other’s virtues and see their differences as an enhancement value. The Scorpio will not have to show signs of jealousy or control over the Aquarius who will otherwise escape. In short, it seems that the best way for this relationship to bear fruit is for each to remain at a distance from the other.

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