The compatibility in love between Scorpio and Capricorn is on a good level. This is because the water of Scorpio and the land of Capricorn combine in a natural way, giving rise to a very fertile garden in which if cultivated with love it will not stop bearing good fruit. On the other hand, the practical personality of Capricorn will give impetus to Scorpio who will use his creativity in a constructive way.

Capricorn is very reserved to the point of appearing cold and distant, but the reality is that he needs a partner with a seductive and cheeky temperament that can break down his defenses. And who better than a passionate seducer like Scorpio, can perfectly fulfill this task? On the other hand, Capricorn does not fall in love easily, but when he does, he loves with all his heart and launches into the relationship with his eyes closed.

Regarding Scorpio, he will feel comfortable next to the Capricorn who will be his point of reference in his life. But they won’t always be plain sailing, as this son of Pluto has a profound aversion to rules and regulations, making it difficult for him to live by a set of rules he didn’t choose. And when things get too monotonous, he feels limited and miserable.

For this relationship to work, both Signs need to be very careful not to indulge in their natural possessive, jealous, and vengeful attitude. To avoid disastrous complications, it will be better to clarify the rules of good living together from the beginning. Both are lone wolves, so they will have to respect their partner’s space without creating further problems.

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