Compatibility in love between Gemini and Scorpio is on an average level. Astrologically, the affinities between these two signs, the first of air and the second of water, are not very high due to the enormous differences between them. Both will have to work hard on themselves for the relationship to work.

They are like day and night. Geminis are cheerful, casual and often light-hearted and frivolous intellectuals. Instead the scorpio is much more reserved and introverted, also does not like to waste time in worldly conversations, so he will most likely find the Gemini too childish and immature.

In short, between these two zodiac signs there are few affinities, even if Scorpio, in general, immediately falls in love with the Gemini man or woman, full of imagination, always ready to live exciting experiences and to immerse themselves with joy in the vortex of feelings. This fuels the desire to experience magical moments.

Geminis love freedom, Scorpio aspires to be in control of the relationship. All this means that things between them will not always be easy, but in love everything is possible, so it can also work between Gemini and Scorpio, but they will have to learn to cope with their differences and exploit their qualities and potential.

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