The compatibility in love between Leo and Scorpio is on a poor level, although there is a huge attraction between them. We are talking about two fixed signs, therefore very courageous and determined, but both have dominant personalities and often the desire to impose one’s will inevitably clashes with that of the partner.

Leo and Scorpio are like two first actors on the same scene, if they manage to get in tune, their story will be a beautiful film, otherwise it’s war. The Scorpio will defend his spaces with the sword, so if the Leo will try to give orders or meddle in his personal areas, then there will be a very serious problem.

Their relationship will be complicated in most cases. Much will also depend on their respective ancestors. It must be said, however, that if Leo and Scorpio insist on wanting to love each other, there will be nothing and no one who will be able to divide them. Being a very stubborn man and woman, they will love each other despite the many difficulties.

If they want to get along they will have to clip their ego’s wings and not get carried away by silly discussions. Above all, respect for oneself and for the other must never be lacking. In their favor is the fact that they both have a big heart, so their love builds a bridge in order to bypass any differences.

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