The compatibility in love between Scorpio and Pisces is on an excellent level. When two water signs meet, as happens between Neptune’s favorite and Pluto’s protégé, they form a couple that bases their relationship on intense emotions as well as remarkable dedication and a psychic connection that fascinates both one and the other. other. If they decide to join their lives, their story can continue with an “and they lived happily ever after”.

Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac, while Pisces are among the most romantic. They both have a deep emotional connection that can be magnetic, magical and engaging, especially in intimacy. Their emotions forge the most intense aspect of their experiences. They are both emotionally sensitive and can almost sense each other’s thoughts.

We are facing a relationship full of the future. Between a native of Scorpio and one of Pisces, the relationship will always be very explicit. From the first moment they meet, the exchange of words becomes superfluous, since an exceptional complicity immediately develops between them which will be the basis for the success of their coexistence. They make a really nice couple, as they look great together.

What threatens this union is the possibility of falling into obsessive expressions and / or attitudes that contribute to the emergence of problems, but if they let themselves be guided by their feelings and learn to be tolerant, this relationship can survive any impediment it finds in its way. Above all, Scorpio must be careful not to hurt the overly sensitive Pisces with its merciless sting.

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