Compatibility in love between Scorpio and Scorpio is on a good level. Their story can resemble a novel in which there is no shortage of torments, melodramas and an unbridled desire that can lead both to do some crazy things. In short, a coexistence in which there will be twists and turns, with impetuous ruptures followed by ardent reconciliations.

Two Scorpios belong to the same water sign, of fixed quality, linked by an intense passion. In the sentimental field they will share the emotional depth that characterizes them. They will feel comfortable next to each other and communicate simply through looks and silences. Of course, they also have the same defects, among which jealousy, possessiveness, arrogance and above all the ambition to dominate the partner stand out.

Fortunately, each is aware of the other’s power, so everyone will be happy to finally find someone who truly understands it. From the first glances between them, the Scorpio man and woman understand that they can be well together. Their sense of perceiving each other brings them closer and they both remain fascinated by each other. They will most likely have no difficulty expressing their thoughts, especially since their personal aspirations can coexist.

Surely, this relationship will not be one of the quietest. Conflicts and disagreements will be very frequent. There will be furious discussions, even in public. However, they can easily reconcile in the evening, in intimacy. This will allow them to regulate tensions. Love will bring them closer together again after each argument and help them maintain a certain complicity. After each fight, together they will achieve complete happiness.

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