The compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio is on an excellent level. They are two opposite signs that feel a strong attraction to each other and that have in common the desire to experience feelings in an intense way. There is no doubt that the couple formed by two people of Taurus and Scorpio sign will live this emotional experience as a beautiful dream.

Both Scorpio and Taurus give themselves completely if they feel they are being reciprocated. Each instinctively knows what the other needs and each has what it takes to offer it. They both know that their feelings are worth fighting for, cultivating them with love and generosity, so that their magical astral union can last over time.

The attraction that exists between Taurus and Scorpio is mutual and will emerge with all its strength from the first opportunity. It won’t be easy to resist the temptation to get to know each other better. Living together will be an interesting experience and few things will overshadow their complicity, including the stubborn nature of both, which could turn one against the other.

It seems that even between these two lovers, the ancient law of opposites works wonderfully. Their natural elements complement each other very well. In fact, just as the land of Taurus needs water to become fertile and fill with life, so the water of Scorpio needs the land to flow and flow in its path.

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