niood provides a complete and ultimate guide on the Scorpio Zodiac Sign:

Ruling Planet: Pluto
Quality: Fixed
Element: Water
Root Power: Remain emotional
Positive Traits: Passionate, resourceful, observant, dynamic, ambitious, determined, assertive, leader, imaginative
Negative Traits: Suspicious, unyielding, vengeful, malicious, stubborn, distrusting, vindictive
Good Day: Magnetic, passionate, loyal, protective, trendsetting, brave, trustworthy
Bad Day: Feels emotional and sad, obsessive, possessive, jealous, secretive, manipulative, conniving
Turn offs: People who lie or spread secrets
Seduction approach: Do me now

Lucky Color: Scarlet
Lucky Number: 8, 11, 18, 22
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Stone: Topaz, Opal
Season: Fall
Basic Trait: “I desire”/”I transform”
Quirk: Dark side is like fifty shades
Advice: Be careful of lashing out at others with intense feelings, but also of keeping too much inside
Life Pursuit: To survive against all opposition
Secret Wish: To have complete and total control
Known for: Emotional stinging force

The sun passes through the sign of Scorpio between October 23 and November 22. This zodiac sign is associated with November, with cold and rainy weather, when the Saints and the Dead are celebrated.

These Celebrities Are Total Scorpio: Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Ciara, Katy Perry, Frank Ocean, Julia Roberts, Willow Smith, Penn Badgley, Kendall Jenner, Matthew McConaughey, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kris Jenner, Odell Beckham, Jr., Emma Stone, Lorde, SZA…

The Character of Scorpio

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are tenacious, stubborn and go forward without ever letting go. Their courage is fireproof, while their will is as great as their ambition. Under a reserved, cold and impenetrable appearance, they are animated by an intense inner life: their remarkable intellectual activity, associated with a great charisma, makes Scorpio the most stubborn sign of the whole zodiac.

They are endowed with a good critical sense, in fact they love to intervene in discussions causing even heated controversies. According to astrology, Scorpio is precise and endowed with a remarkable natural insight. For him, dislikes or likes are instinctive and immediate. Its main characteristics, influenced by the sign linked to the month of November, can however change according to the ascendant: this, in fact, has the power to influence the personality of all the signs of the zodiac and, therefore, must be taken into consideration when read the horoscope.

The Profile Of The Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is full of energy and has a little hyperactive side. She hates laziness and needs to move, to be agitated to feel alive. In her work, she possesses a great force of persuasion. But her overflowing energy can get annoying at times and the Scorpio woman very rarely questions herself. His motto is “who loves me follow me”, others just have to look elsewhere! It gives, but demands to receive a lot in return.

The Scorpio woman is charismatic, she impresses with her willpower and determination. But she is also very resentful, if she does not get what she wants … The native is strong-willed and sincere, she does not always control her emotions, but knows how to get up when she is down and can resist the most difficult situations. difficult. Her reactions can be exaggerated at times, but that is the Scorpio woman’s defense. She is sometimes said to be cruel, in reality she is sensitive and protects herself by an apparent indifference from the slightest attack that she considers personal.

The Profile Of The Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man has a certain interest in the way other people look and what they think of him. He looks after his image, seeks the approval of his peers, wants to be loved and recognized in what he does. The native is ambitious and not afraid of danger. He likes to challenge the forbidden, to experience strong sensations, to test his limits. As a child, the Scorpio man was surely a daredevil! Today, even though he has become more reasonable, he hates to restrict himself and can sacrifice a lot for a passion.

The Scorpio man is strong-willed and hard-working, he never really stays inactive. But he is also resentful and easily offended when he doesn’t get what he wants, or if he finds himself in an awkward situation. The Scorpio man is having a hard time taking on himself. His skin-deep emotions betray him sometimes, but the Scorpio man doesn’t like to be pierced, it bothers him a lot. Then begins a gear which he has trouble getting out of. The Scorpio man is sincere with his friends, he does not force himself and will never be a hypocrite.

Love and Sex

For the Scorpio, life as a couple is a war that is fought with irony, continuous trials, body and soul. The man who belongs to this zodiac sign identifies himself with the courageous and patient hero capable of conquering any woman … In reality he has a tender heart and, behind the air of a fake hard, Scorpio is a faithful companion, deep and very sweet. As long as you never betray him and for no reason in the world!

Scorpio is also a very passionate sign. According to his love horoscope, his love life is rich and dynamic. However, he is not very sentimental because his need to remain independent will often prevent him from finding stability. On the contrary, he will seem more drawn to fleeting and intense adventures than to a stable relationship.


The Scorpio woman is mysterious and attractive. She is sensual and persistent, yet she also knows how to be vindictive. At work she excels in professions in which she can do research because she loves everything that she is discovered. You will take care of your business very well, earning a lot and working on your own rather than as a team.

At work, the Scorpio man loves to go in depth: he will be an excellent psychologist who is dedicated to what torments the human soul; or a policeman, a detective, a researcher … Due to the influence of Mars, which is his second planet, he is also very attached to medicine and the health professions.


Passionate, Driven, Perceptive, Emotional, Sacrificing, Determined


Vindictive, Paranoid, Destructive, Possessive, Jealous, Clingy

Best compatibility

Gemeni: This is a very strange, explosive combo. Scorpio and Gemini are attracted from the first moment, because they go hand in hand together. the two are very similar on some points, certainly they are not the perfect couple, but they do not pretend to be, they often struggle to understand each other, and when problems come it is very difficult to manage them together.

Cancer: Very functional combo, both are signs of water and understand each other great. They are very intuitive, faithful and very passionate. Here are the keys with which to make a relationship work great, it is true, of course they have ups and downs and are very unpredictable. It is also true that they understand each other very well. Cancer has something that inspires confidence in scorpio, which is rare in him.

Virgo: Mysterious combination. Both transmit trust but have something very different, inexplicable in words. In their relationship, there is magic and there will always be something that will make their relationship work. There is something very important that holds them together, but which is actually impossible to explain in words.

Pisces: This relationship is very intense, they are signs of water and this makes them very compatible. Scorpio gives fish perfect understanding. Their strengths are compatible. And they bring peace of mind to each other. They are very sensitive and this makes them compatible to the maximum.

Worst compatibility

Scorpio is less compatible with Leo and Aquarius, and its totally opposite sign is Taurus. With Leo, a Scorpio can feel with their soul mate, at least on the surface. They are powerful, but these great qualities can also separate them. You may also have problems with Aquarius, as both are stubborn. Taurus, the opposite sign of Scorpio, isn’t always the best match. Taurus may make Scorpio passionate at first, but will often argue afterward.

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