Seamm, a fashion tech app start-up, has recently received $1.7 million in funding, signaling a promising future for the company. With the newfound capital, Seamm plans to further expand its go-to-market activities, recruit top talent, and fast-track the development of its platform. The company, which is slated to launch in October under The Lydian Group, has a bold vision to digitize fashion goods for virtual worlds. By creating 3D replicas of physical products, Seamm aims to provide a platform for brands to enter virtual worlds and offer digital-only collections.

The timing of Seamm’s launch is particularly advantageous as the fashion industry increasingly embraces the concept of the Metaverse. Renowned luxury brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada, and Selfridges have already embarked on their Metaverse projects and collaborations. Seamm’s platform is poised to enable users to seamlessly integrate real-life fashion into virtual worlds, opening up exciting opportunities to personalize game characters and avatars. Additionally, consumers can access digital collections from various fashion brands and acclaimed artists. The in-app marketplace will allow users to purchase their desired items and export them to different virtual worlds and video games. Moreover, users can curate their personal collection of exceptional and rare items.

Seamm has already established partnerships with notable brands like Outsiders Division, Alexandra Moura, Clear To Rain, Rara, Cunnington & Sanderson, Martina Spetlova, Marie de la Roche, No.Na.Me, and Advait. The first virtual world where these items will be available is Decentraland, an esteemed 3D platform that has attracted prominent brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Estée Lauder, and Dolce & Gabbana.

In an exciting collaboration, Seamm’s launch will feature the artwork of Misha Libertee. Marina Martianova, the company’s founder and CEO, expressed the vision of transforming unique apparel and accessories from the real world into digital forms that can be transferred to multiple Metaverses and video games. Martianova underlined Seamm’s commitment to supporting independent fashion designers and niche products. The initial selection of brands includes those from Portugal, the UK, Spain, and the Middle East, each offering something distinctive to the fashion industry, be it empowering single mothers, limited editions per garment, or custom costumes for artists and performers.

With the recent injection of funding, Seamm is expected to experience substantial growth and make a notable impact in the fashion tech sector. As fashion and virtual worlds continue to merge, the demand for innovative platforms like Seamm is projected to rise exponentially.

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