Selfridges, the renowned high-end department store, has reported a strong performance in sales during the crucial Christmas period. The store experienced a 5% increase in sales from December until Christmas Eve. The success can be attributed to several categories, including vegan food products, toys, men’s fashion, and beauty products.

One standout category for Selfridges was vegan food, which saw a remarkable 96% increase in sales of vegan confectionery compared to the previous year. The introduction of a vegan hamper was also a triumph, as it quickly sold out. This indicates a growing demand for vegan options among consumers.

Toys also performed exceptionally well, with a 31% increase in sales year-on-year. Unfortunately, the report did not provide specific data on the performance of the womenswear segment. However, the opening of a new Accessories Hall at the Manchester store in October likely contributed to the overall boost in sales. Additionally, the Oxford Circus store hosted an exclusive Instagram pop-up store from 5-15 December, attracting customers and driving sales.

Beauty sales at Selfridges experienced a 10% uplift, thanks in part to the introduction of a beauty concierge service. This innovative service allows customers to book treatments across all brands and attend beauty masterclasses with industry experts. Selfridges’ commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences is evident in this new service, available at select stores.

Simon Forster, the Managing Director of Selfridges, expressed his satisfaction with the store’s strong performance during the Christmas period. He emphasized their dedication to offering exclusive products and outstanding customer experiences. Forster also highlighted the company’s focus on sustainability, stating that 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade focused on securing a sustainable future. As a company that prioritizes sustainability, Selfridges will be launching a major campaign that will shape its direction for the next 10 years.

In conclusion, Selfridges experienced positive sales growth during the Christmas season, driven by various categories such as vegan food, toys, menswear, and beauty products. The store’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to providing exceptional products and experiences have undoubtedly contributed to its success. As the new decade begins, Selfridges appears poised to continue delivering strong performance and leading the way in the luxury retail industry.

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