Sellier Knightsbridge, the UK luxury resale platform, has recently acquired its rival company, Worn, with the aim of becoming the largest luxury reseller in the country. This strategic move involves the purchase of Worn’s Belgravia store in London, which will allow Sellier to expand its customer base and enhance its physical presence. The acquisition is part of Sellier’s growth strategy, which includes both acquisitions and organic store growth. As part of the deal, Worn’s buyers and sellers will be integrated into the Sellier platform, contributing to an estimated 25% increase in the company’s business in the next year. However, the financial details of the acquisition have not been made public.

Founded in 2019, Sellier currently operates physical stores in Knightsbridge and Monaco, complemented by its online platform, where it specializes in rare modern and vintage luxury pieces. The company has experienced significant annual revenue growth and expects this trend to continue in 2023, with a revenue target of over £20 million. This positive outlook is largely due to the thriving luxury resale market, which is boosting Sellier’s prospects.

In addition to expanding its customer base through the acquisition of Worn, Sellier has plans to open more physical locations. The company will utilize Worn’s retail space in Belgravia to support its expansion efforts. Furthermore, Sellier Group is considering further acquisitions as part of its growth strategy.

Sellier’s CEO, Hanushka Toni, emphasizes that consolidation in the resale market is not simply about size, but also about scaling intelligently. The company aims to redefine sustainability within the industry and seeks collaboration with other like-minded companies that share the same vision.

Bella Buchanan, the CEO of Worn, expressed excitement about the partnership and emphasized the joint mission of both companies to provide the best resale experience in the industry. Buchanan believes that the acquisition will enable them to take this mission even further and looks forward to the future.

With the acquisition of Worn and its physical store in Belgravia, Sellier Knightsbridge is poised to solidify its position as the leading luxury resale platform in the UK. The integration of Worn’s customers and sellers into the Sellier platform will drive the company’s growth in the coming year. As the demand for sustainable fashion continues to rise, Sellier is well-positioned to capitalize on the thriving luxury resale market.

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