Seraphine, a well-known brand specializing in maternity wear, has managed to thrive despite facing tough market conditions. Despite the challenges of weakening consumer sentiment across Europe due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as rising living costs and production/delivery expenses, Seraphine has achieved impressive year-on-year revenue growth. The company has seen a significant 33% increase in sales on a constant currency basis, with North America experiencing particularly notable growth. Seraphine has successfully expanded into new markets like Canada, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, resulting in excellent sales performance. However, the company recognizes that maintaining such exceptional numbers may become more difficult in the future.

Recognizing the sentiment issues plaguing the industry, Seraphine is re-evaluating market expectations going forward. The company now anticipates sales growth of 10-20% and aims to improve its EBITDA (pre-IFRS16) margin to 8-9% for the fiscal year 2023. This adjustment is necessary due to various cost challenges, including inflation in distribution costs and marketing expenses for customer acquisition. Seraphine has also identified specific one-time non-cash corrective items that have impacted its financials, such as refunds to customers and stock adjustments. Consequently, the company expects to achieve sales of approximately £44.1 million for the fiscal year 2022, with a minimum Adjusted EBITDA (pre-IFRS16) of £3 million.

Despite these challenges, Seraphine is proactively taking measures to strengthen its business and increase shareholder value. The company has appointed a trading director and COO to its executive committee and is implementing strategic pricing measures to safeguard the affordability of entry-level products while raising the prices of premium items. Seraphine is also investing in innovative product design and creative marketing initiatives. CEO David N Williams expresses confidence in the strong underlying fundamentals of the business and its ability to achieve growth in the medium term. Williams highlights the positive impact of the enhanced executive and operational management capabilities within the team.

In conclusion, while Seraphine acknowledges the difficulties presented by the current market environment, the company remains dedicated to its long-term growth strategy. Through leveraging its solid business model fundamentals and its leading market position, Seraphine aims to overcome the challenges ahead and continue delivering value to its customers and shareholders.

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