Serena Williams, the world-renowned tennis player, has recently entered the wellness industry with the launch of her new venture, Will Perform. Collaborating with Hank Mercier and Eric Ryan, veterans in the consumer personal goods (CPG) industry, Williams aims to provide clean and cruelty-free topical pain relief and daily muscle care solutions for recovery.

Mercier, the CEO of Will Perform, brings his expertise in the CPG sector, while Ryan, who has successfully launched eco-friendly household brand Method, nutrition brand Olly, and First Aid brand Welly, adds his innovative touch to the brand. Together, they have created a concise line of treatments for muscle care, including the Will Relieve Pain Relief Roll-On and Spray, Will Cool Cooling Pain Relief Roll-On, Will Soothe Daily Muscle Soothing Lotion, and Will Rest Nightly Muscle Recovery Lotion. These products are reasonably priced, with most items available for $12.99 and the soothing lotion priced at $15.99.

Inspired by her own recovery routine, which has been instrumental in her successful career as an athlete, Williams recognized the importance of recovery rituals for everyone leading an active lifestyle. She felt that the muscle care product category was lacking representation and saw an opportunity to fill the gap with Will Perform.

During the development of the Will Perform line, Williams and her team meticulously considered various factors, including the effectiveness of the formulas, ingredients, design, application, and scent. Their goal was to create products that seamlessly integrate into consumers’ daily self-care routines. Ryan highlighted the significance of providing an enjoyable experience, as people are more likely to adopt a ritual if they find it enjoyable. With aesthetically pleasing designs and thoughtful formulations, Will Perform seeks to disrupt the market and offer self-care products that consumers will be excited to use.

The official launch of Will Perform is scheduled for December 8, and it will be available for purchase through their website. Additionally, starting from December 18, the brand will be accessible at Target stores and on With Williams’ expertise in athletic recovery and the experience of CPG veterans leading the brand, Will Perform is anticipated to make a significant impact in the wellness industry by providing innovative solutions for muscle care and pain relief.

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