Sharmadean Reid is the innovative founder of Beautystack, a start-up in London that has developed a booking app specifically for beauty industry professionals. The app’s main objective is to close the gap between seeing a beauty treatment on social media platforms like Instagram and being able to book an appointment to achieve that same look. With the beauty industry being a massive global market worth $450 billion, there is a vast pool of potential customers for Beautystack. However, the app’s ultimate goal extends beyond profitability – it aims to promote gender equality by increasing the earnings of beauty professionals. In order to learn more about Reid’s journey and her goals for professional and empowerment growth, we had an exclusive interview with her.

Reid stumbled into the beauty industry unexpectedly. While exploring the world, she was captivated by the unique and trendy nail salons she encountered in Asia. As someone heavily involved in hip-hop culture at the time, getting her nails done was a crucial part of her going-out experience. However, she often found that the salons couldn’t satisfy her desire for creative and unique designs. Inspired by this, she decided to open her own nail salon in London, not realizing at the time that she was stepping into the beauty industry. It was just a means for her and her friends to get the nails they truly wanted.

The core concept behind Beautystack is the combination of a social network and a booking platform. Reid wanted to create a space where women could take part in transactions while also being able to like, share, and comment on images. This idea led her to create a marketplace centered around women-to-women transactions, catering to the passion economy and empowering women to increase their earning potential by selling to the Beautystack community. This concept lies at the heart of Beautystack and Reid’s women-led media platform, The Stack World.

Building her own brand has always come naturally to Reid. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, whether it be art, the streets, or the city she resides in. Reid immerses herself in various forms of media, such as movies, music, and books, to fuel her creative process and define her brand. However, the driving force behind all her work is economic empowerment for women. Each brand she creates represents this mission and aims to provide women with the tools and insights they need to achieve their goals.

When asked about the lessons she hopes young entrepreneurs can learn from her experience, Reid emphasizes the importance of finding a mission and cause that align with their passions. She believes that when entrepreneurs operate with purpose and intention, their work transcends being just a job and becomes a force for good. For Reid, the greatest motivator is knowing that everything she does contributes to a higher cause and serves a purpose greater than herself.

Despite the impact of Brexit on various industries, Reid’s working practices remain unaffected, and she remains focused on the growth of Beautystack and The Stack World. As a start-up, Beautystack has only recently started generating revenue. Reid envisions The Stack World becoming a global brand that serves as a community for women dedicated to building a new global network for long-term social, economic, and political change.

Reid’s commitment to empowering women and sharing her knowledge with younger generations led her to participate in Vodafone’s #ThoseWhoDare virtual conference. She recognizes the importance of visible female role models in the business community and believes that by showcasing what is possible, more women will be encouraged to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Sharmadean Reid’s journey in building a beauty business from scratch is an inspiring example of transforming a passion into a successful venture. Her unwavering dedication to gender equality and economic empowerment has driven her to create platforms and communities that uplift women in the beauty industry and beyond. With Beautystack and The Stack World, Reid is at the forefront of a movement that seeks to revolutionize the way women connect, transact, and thrive in the business world.

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