Shipster, the UK-based shipping tech company known for its innovative approach, has received a new infusion of funding from Fearless Adventures as part of its ongoing expansion efforts. While the exact amount of investment remains undisclosed, Shipster intends to utilize this capital to further enhance its services and offerings.

A key aspect of Shipster’s success lies in its unique integration of a retailer’s warehouse management system with a range of courier options. This strategic approach enables online retailers to efficiently manage their shipping processes while also providing tailored solutions for those operating on different sales platforms.

Headquartered in Manchester, Shipster has already built a solid customer base consisting of renowned fashion brands such as AYBL, Missy Empire, MissPap, Oh Polly, and Lounge. By delivering highly customized shipping software, Shipster aims to revolutionize the sector and make it more accessible to burgeoning online retailers.

Co-founder Hayley Cowburn underlines the significance of finding investors who offer more than just financial support. Shipster actively seeks individuals with extensive experience and expertise to propel the company forward. In the case of Fearless Adventures, Cowburn praises their team, emphasizing their integral role in Shipster’s future vision. This new partnership injects fresh energy into Shipster’s ambitious goals and serves as a powerful driving force for the entire team.

With this recent investment, Shipster now has the opportunity to expedite its growth plans and solidify its position as a frontrunner in the shipping tech industry. As the company continues to expand its services and attract prestigious fashion brands, Shipster is well-positioned for a prosperous future in the fiercely competitive online retail market.

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