Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido has recently unveiled Sidekick, a new skincare brand targeted specifically at men in the Asian market. The Sidekick range, which focuses on Gen Z consumers, offers a selection of four products and eight inventory items designed to address common skincare concerns. These concerns include dryness, oiliness, and the need to enhance the skin’s moisture barrier function to create a more resilient skin environment. The product lineup includes a face cleanser, lotion, moisturizer, and fabric mask.

Sidekick made its debut in Tokyo at Beauty Square, a store that showcases Shiseido’s diverse portfolio of brands. The brand is now set to make its online debut in China in July, capitalizing on the surge in demand for men’s cosmetics in the Chinese market.

Skincare has become a key focus for Shiseido as part of its long-term strategy. The company has set a goal to position itself as a global leader in the skincare segment by 2030. In line with this objective, Shiseido has made significant moves in 2021. This includes selling its personal care and mass-market beauty businesses to the CVC investment fund and divesting its US subsidiary, Shiseido Americas, of makeup brands Buxom, BareMinerals, and Laura Mercier.

In April of this year, Shiseido introduced Ulé, a natural skincare brand specifically tailored for the European market. This launch highlights Shiseido’s commitment to expanding and strengthening its skincare offerings on a global scale.

The introduction of Sidekick showcases Shiseido’s dedication to meeting the evolving demands of consumers by introducing innovative skincare solutions. By focusing on the Asian market and targeting a specific audience, the brand has the potential to capture a significant share of the growing men’s skincare market. Leveraging its expertise in natural ingredients and advanced cosmetics research, Shiseido is well-positioned to establish Sidekick as a trusted and effective skincare brand for Asian men.

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