Despite the challenging retail environment, Shoe Zone, a footwear retailer, managed to achieve a strong and positive performance in the first half of the year. The company reported a 7.9% increase in total revenues, reaching £75.4 million, despite having 52 fewer stores compared to the previous year. Store revenues from their 336 units rose by 6.8% to £61.1 million, and digital revenue saw a significant increase of 12.7% to £14.3 million. This impressive digital growth can be attributed to the success of their online exclusive range and range extensions.

Anthony Smith, the CEO of Shoe Zone, emphasized that these results highlight the resilience of the business and the success of their ongoing strategy. Despite the impact of resizing, including store closures, new store openings, and refits, the company still managed to perform well. Although pre-tax profits dropped to £1.5 million, adjusted pre-tax profit slightly exceeded expectations at £2.5 million, compared to £3.1 million the previous year. Shoe Zone also increased their capital expenditure from £2.3 million to £5.3 million.

Smith announced that Shoe Zone has been investing in their portfolio by converting more of their ‘Original’ Shoe Zone stores into Hybrid formats. The results of this strategy have been very positive, and the company plans to continue rolling out these formats. Their goal is to double the number of Big Box locations to approximately 100 and increase the number of Hybrid stores to 200 in the medium term.

Looking ahead, Shoe Zone anticipates trading from a similar retail square footage, but with a reduced number of locations. The company’s focus is on investing in new product lines, additional brands, and enhancing their digital platform. They have plans to introduce a new returns portal, develop a mobile app, and offer new payment options to improve the overall customer experience. Despite the challenges faced in the retail industry, Shoe Zone remains optimistic and dedicated to delivering quality footwear products to their customers.

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