Explore the captivating world of Hailey Bieber’s iconic red dress and strawberry-infused fashion. In this fashion journey, we’ll unravel the details of her unforgettable ensembles and reveal where you can shop her coveted style.

A Strawberry Splash in the Big Apple

Manhattan found itself immersed in a sea of style as Hailey Bieber, the trailblazing fashion icon, embarked on a sartorial odyssey that painted the city red—more precisely, strawberry red. Bieber, renowned for her knack for capturing TikTok’s hottest trends, once again harnessed the essence of a viral sensation. While this summer witnessed her playful flirtations with the “Tomato Girl” aesthetic and her cinnamon-infused hair, today, she descended upon New York City with an unequivocal commitment to the “Strawberry Girl” fashion narrative. In the span of a single morning, she effortlessly paraded three distinct outfits, each drenched in varying shades of luscious strawberry red, all before the clock struck noon.

Radiant Red Dawn: Good Morning America Studios

To inaugurate her fashionable escapade, Hailey Bieber graced the hallowed studios of Good Morning America. She was a vision in a captivating red dress from the atelier of Vivienne Westwood. This romantic ensemble served as a prelude to her action-packed day, which revolved around the launch of her brand’s rhode peptide lip treatment, fittingly christened “strawberry glaze” and crafted in collaboration with Krispy Kreme.

The Vivienne Westwood creation featured an alluring draped, off-the-shoulder bodice that gracefully transitioned into a cinched waist. Her patent Ferragamo baguette bag added a delectable “glaze” component to her overall look, while her Maison Ernest sandal heels meticulously adhered to the red theme.

A Playful Twist: Marc Jacobs Mini Dress

Just when the fashion world assumed that Bieber had reached the zenith of strawberry-inspired style with her Vivienne Westwood midi dress, she surprised us with a whimsical pivot. For her next ensemble, she slipped into a white Marc Jacobs mini dress fresh from the renowned New York brand’s fall/winter 2023 collection.

While the dress momentarily diverged from the crimson motif, its draped fabric conjured an aesthetic akin to a dollop of whipped cream—a delightful visual confection. To complete this delectable ensemble, Bieber revisited her Ferragamo bag (an unexpected choice, given her penchant for Bottega Veneta pouches) and introduced a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, infusing quintessential New York elegance into the mix.

Times Square Temptation: Ermanno Scervino Mini Dress

In a bold move, Bieber ventured into Times Square, typically considered a faux pas for New Yorkers. However, her rationale was entirely forgivable—the Krispy Kreme flagship store beckoned. For her final look of the day, she artfully amalgamated elements from her previous ensembles. Stepping out in a strapless Ermanno Scervino mini dress, she unveiled a corseted bodice coupled with a demure skirt. Reverting to her trusted Maison Ernest shoes from earlier in the day, she opted for a patent top-handle mini bag, sealing her status as the day’s indisputable fashion luminary.

Hailey Bieber inaugurated her “strawberry-wearing” phase earlier this season, unveiling a plunging Magda Butrym dress during a glamorous night out. Whether you dub it “Strawberry Girl Summer,” “Strawberry Glaze,” “Valentine’s Cosplay,” or an imaginative fusion thereof, one thing remains certain: as with everything Hailey Bieber adorns, anticipate a deluge of strawberry-inspired fashion pieces to grace the streets and saturate Instagram feeds in the months to come.