Shopify Technologies Inc, the Canadian tech giant, has recently launched a new subscription service called Commerce Components. This service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of large retailers. Commerce Components allows retailers to select from a variety of tools and services offered by Shopify and integrate them into their existing online platforms. The main objective behind this service is to provide retailers with increased flexibility and customization options for their online businesses.

One of the notable first clients to sign up for Commerce Components is Mattel Inc, a well-known toymaker. Shopify is also aiming to bring on board other enterprise clients such as Glossier, Coty, Steve Madden, and Staples.

With Commerce Components, retailers have the freedom to choose specific components that are essential for their online businesses. These components can range from checkout services to back-office tools. The pricing for this service will vary depending on the level of customization and components chosen by the retailer. At present, the subscription fees for Shopify Plus begin at $2,000 per month, while basic costs start at $29.

According to Harley Finkelstein, the President of Shopify, Commerce Components is targeted towards a previously underserved segment of the market. Many large retailers had to build their own tech infrastructure, essentially operating as their own technology company instead of focusing solely on their core products. This new service eliminates the need for retailers to engage in the complex and time-consuming process of building everything themselves, providing them with more time and resources to concentrate on their products and customers.

Finkelstein also highlighted the growing popularity of small brands that choose to sell directly to customers through social media or their own websites. These brands prioritize a seamless online shopping experience and personalized customer service. With the introduction of Commerce Components, larger retailers can now offer similar experiences to their customers, enabling them to compete more effectively against these smaller brands.

Overall, Shopify’s Commerce Components aims to address the changing requirements of large retailers by offering them the necessary tools and flexibility to thrive in the digital era. By providing an integrated and customizable platform, Shopify hopes to attract more enterprise clients and expand its presence in the retail industry.

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