Size-inclusive hosiery retailer Snag has recently claimed the top spot as the highest-rated fashion retailer in the UK on Trustpilot, a prominent customer review platform. With an impressive overall trust score of 4.9 out of 5, along with over 38,000 ‘excellent’ ratings, Snag has solidified its position as the most trusted fashion retailer in the country according to customer reviews.

A key factor contributing to Snag’s exceptional success is its unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Unlike many other fashion brands that limit their offerings to specific sizes, Snag ensures that all body types are catered to by providing comfortable and affordable tights ranging from size 4 to 36. This inclusive approach has struck a chord with customers, propelling Snag to the top of the Trustpilot ratings.

Furthermore, Snag distinguishes itself through a unique marketing strategy that emphasizes authenticity. Instead of featuring professional models, the brand showcases real customers as models. This touch of authenticity and relatability strengthens the brand’s connection with customers, further bolstering trust and loyalty.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Snag is on track to achieve a remarkable turnover of £40 million this year. Initially, the company experienced a significant decline in sales, with a 75% drop at the onset of the pandemic. The reduced demand for dresses, which consequently affected the demand for tights, was the primary cause. However, Snag swiftly responded by launching an ‘SOS’ voucher scheme, which generated an impressive £1.25 million in sales within just five days. The overwhelming support from customers during this difficult time served as a testament to the trust and loyalty they have in the brand.

With sales gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels, Snag is presently focusing on expanding its product range. The company has already introduced a new line of leggings and is currently in the process of developing sustainable swimwear, T-shirts, and skirts. Even as it aims for growth, Snag remains committed to upholding its authenticity and staying connected with customers. The brand acknowledges the inherent risk of losing sight of its original purpose as it expands and therefore ensures that its core values remain at the forefront of its expansion plans.

The success of Snag underscores the significance of inclusivity and authenticity within the fashion industry. It also serves as a powerful testament to the influence of customer trust and loyalty. Through their unwavering dedication to customer needs and the cultivation of strong relationships, Snag has achieved noteworthy success and continues to lead the way in the UK fashion retail market.

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