Skinnydip London, the renowned British lifestyle and fashion brand that is loved for its unique phone cases and collaborations with popular brands like Barbie, Disney, and The Simpsons, has recently joined forces with Wunderkind to strengthen its direct-to-consumer (DTC) operations. Wunderkind is a performance marketing engine that specializes in enabling personalization on a larger scale for online brands and retailers.

With its current product offerings expanding to include womenswear, accessories, bags, and beauty ranges, Skinnydip London aims to leverage the high demand it is experiencing online and enhance its DTC operations. The brand currently operates two standalone stores in the UK and has over 200 stockists around the world.

Through this partnership with Wunderkind, Skinnydip London anticipates reaching a wider audience with an extended range of products, while also expanding its own customer base and first-party data. The brand acknowledges the importance of improving the performance of its email channel as a key driver of growth. By building a larger and more engaged audience through its first-party datasets, Skinnydip London aims to achieve its goals.

Wunderkind’s identity resolution technology will prove instrumental in meeting these objectives. By utilizing this technology, Skinnydip London can send personalized messages to customers based on their individual browsing behaviors and their stage in the purchasing journey. This enables the brand to deliver the right message to the right customer at precisely the right time.

Laurina Kennedy, the Digital Marketing Manager at Skinnydip, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, emphasizing the significant impact that Wunderkind has had on their email capture goals. Kennedy also praised Wunderkind for their support in testing, monitoring, and conducting research on triggered emails, which has been instrumental in driving Skinnydip’s growth. She further highlighted the seamless integration of Wunderkind within the Skinnydip team, stating that they have truly become an integral part of the brand.

Wulfric Light-Wilkinson, the GM International at Wunderkind, echoed Kennedy’s sentiments and commended Skinnydip London for successfully venturing into new categories through their collaboration. Through this partnership, Skinnydip has been able to identify, capture, and acquire new customers at an accelerated rate, while also introducing existing customers to the brand’s extended range of products.

The partnership between Skinnydip London and Wunderkind signifies a strategic move to harness the power of personalization and enhance the brand’s DTC operations. By leveraging Wunderkind’s technology and expertise, Skinnydip London aims to continue its growth trajectory and provide an enhanced shopping experience for its customers. With its proven track record and expanding product range, Skinnydip London is well-positioned to thrive in the highly competitive fashion and lifestyle market.

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