Sosandar, the womenswear retailer, has announced impressive results for its Christmas period, which have contributed to the company’s record-breaking sales. Despite facing tough comparatives from the previous year and reducing its marketing spend, Sosandar achieved a 6% increase in sales for the quarter. The company expressed extreme satisfaction with its performance and attributed its success to the expansion of its product range, which now includes popular items such as loungewear, knitwear, denim, and outerwear.

During the three-month trading period that ended on December 31st, Sosandar saw its revenue rise from £3.8 million to £3.98 million compared to the previous year. This growth is especially notable considering the company’s significant reduction in marketing spend, which was decreased by 66%. Additionally, Sosandar managed to reduce its EBITDA loss by 60% compared to the previous year, showcasing its effective cost management. As of December 31st, the company holds a net cash balance of £3.9 million, reflecting its strong trading performance and careful financial management.

Despite the minimal marketing spend in December, Sosandar reported better-than-expected revenue and achieved its highest monthly sales to date. Its sales through popular retailers John Lewis and Next also performed well during this period. Another positive development was the reduction in returns, with Sosandar managing to decrease them from 49% to 46%. This improvement can be attributed to a change in the company’s product mix.

Looking ahead, Sosandar has introduced a new capsule range of activewear, which has shown promising early results. The company has also carefully planned its spring designs, taking into consideration the ongoing restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. As for the impact of Brexit, Sosandar does not anticipate any significant disruptions to its ability to serve its customers, as it operates with a diversified and flexible supply base.

In conclusion, Sosandar’s strong performance during the Christmas period and its record-breaking sales highlight the company’s resilience and its ability to adapt to evolving market conditions. Its investments in expanding its product range and its effective cost management have proven to be successful strategies. With a positive start to the new year and solid performance in key product categories, Sosandar is well-positioned for continued growth in the future.

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