Spanish fashion brand Scalpers closed out 2022 with a remarkable turnover of 152 million euros, continuing its impressive growth trend. This comes after the brand experienced a substantial 50% increase in sales in 2021, surpassing its pre-pandemic turnover of 83 million euros. The company’s EBITDA is also strong, representing over 16% of sales, which equates to more than 24 million euros.

Scalpers Woman, the women’s division of the brand, now contributes to 21% of the total turnover, indicating significant growth. Furthermore, the brand’s online channel witnessed a 26% surge in sales compared to the previous year, now accounting for 22% of total sales. Scalpers currently operates its own international website and showcases its products on popular marketplaces such as Zalando, Asos, El Corte Inglés, La Redoute, About You, and Trendyol. Additionally, the brand launched its multi-brand e-commerce platform in 2021, offering nearly 100 brands on its Spanish website.

Originally recognized as a men’s fashion brand, Scalpers has expanded its offerings to include kidswear and womenswear. The Scalpers Woman division has achieved growth rates well above the market, playing a significant role in the brand’s overall success. In 2022 alone, the women’s line generated a turnover of 31.9 million euros, and a new standalone store was opened on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona.

Scalpers has established a global presence with 284 points-of-sale across five countries, encompassing its own stores and shop-in-shops in El Corte Inglés and El Palacio del Hierro in Mexico. Despite the economic uncertainties triggered by the pandemic, the company has succeeded in employing over 1,400 individuals directly.

Looking towards the future, Scalpers harbors optimistic expectations for both the Spanish and international markets in the current financial year. The company intends to concentrate its growth endeavors on Portugal, where it experienced a remarkable 102% increase in sales in 2022. Additionally, Scalpers aims to expand in Mexico and Chile, with growth rates of 69% and 44% respectively. The brand already operates through 20 points-of-sale in Mexico and plans to establish a presence in various European countries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Scalpers is predominantly owned by Jaime Bergel and Pedro Sainz de Baranda, who occupy a 70% stake in the company. These investors initially joined Scalpers’ shareholder base in 2014 and later acquired the shares of three of the brand’s founding partners. The remaining shares are held by Borja Vázquez and Alfonso Vivancos, who are also founders of the brand, in addition to the Phoenix Group and other minority shareholders.

The Scalpers Group encompasses the Scalpers brand itself, as well as the footwear brand Mim Shoes, bridal fashion brand Victoria, and a majority stake in fashion brand Jorge Vázquez since 2018. With its persistent growth and expansion, Scalpers solidifies its position as a successful player in the fashion industry.

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