Spanish fashion company Scalpers, led by Borja Vázquez, has set its sights on expanding its business through acquisitions or investments in other fashion companies. With a turnover of €110 million ($129 million) in 2021, Scalpers aims to exceed €160 million ($188 million) in 2022 and sees opportunities in the profitability of certain companies in the fashion industry.

In terms of retail expansion, Scalpers plans to enter the German, Belgian, and Dutch markets in 2023 by opening four to five stores in each country. Although Scalpers already generates close to €3 million ($3.5 million) in sales in Germany, the company aims to establish a stronger presence in these markets while continuing to strengthen its online presence, which currently spans 18 markets.

Despite considering a sale earlier this year, Scalpers put the operation on hold due to the challenging global economic climate. This is a similar situation to other fashion brands like Tendam and El Ganso. Scalpers’ appeal extends beyond its turnover, as its success in the women’s clothing segment, launched in 2018, already accounts for 60% of its online sales and 35% of its global turnover, showcasing its ability to effectively target and engage with its customer base.

Scalpers’ expansion plans reflect its ambition to grow and solidify its position in the fashion industry. By entering new markets and exploring strategic partnerships, Scalpers aims to enhance its portfolio and contribute further to its growth. The company’s successful track record, coupled with its focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, positions Scalpers for success in its future endeavors.

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