Spas in Manama, Bahrain

Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, offers a plethora of serene and luxurious spas where you can unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Here are some of the must-visit spas in Manama that are true gems in the city.

1. The Ritz-Carlton Spa – Located at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, this world-class spa offers a truly opulent experience. With over 20 treatment rooms, an extensive menu of services, and a stunning beachfront location, it is undoubtedly a gem in the heart of Manama. Whether you choose to indulge in a relaxing massage, invigorating body scrub, or facial treatment, the skilled therapists ensure that every guest’s needs are catered to. The use of premium products and the tranquil ambiance further enhance the overall spa experience. Address: Bldg 112, Rd 40, Manama 40, Bahrain. Website:

2. Al Areen Palace & Spa – Nestled amidst vast landscaped gardens, this luxurious resort is home to an extraordinary spa that promises pure bliss. The Al Areen Spa offers a wide range of treatments, including traditional Thai massages, hot stone therapies, and holistic healing rituals. The private spa villas are designed to provide utmost privacy and relaxation, making it a real gem for those seeking tranquility. The resort also features thermal suites, hydrothermal garden facilities, and natural outdoor rain showers, adding to the unique spa experience. Address: Building 2046, Road 6232, Zallaq, Bahrain. Website:

Yoga Studios in Manama, Bahrain

If you’re looking to enhance your well-being and find inner peace, Manama boasts several exceptional yoga studios with experienced instructors who will guide you on your journey to self-discovery. Here are two yoga studios that are truly gems in Manama.

1. Yoga Tree Bahrain – Situated in the heart of Manama, Yoga Tree Bahrain is a haven for yoga enthusiasts. They offer a variety of classes suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The picturesque studio boasts a serene atmosphere, allowing you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. The highly skilled instructors guide you through various yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. Whether you seek to improve your flexibility, build strength, or find mental clarity, Yoga Tree Bahrain is a gem that caters to all your wellness needs. Address: Seef District, Manama, Bahrain. Website:

2. Bahrain Meditation Centre – For those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and a greater sense of inner peace, the Bahrain Meditation Centre is an ideal gem to explore. This center offers various meditation classes and retreats that promote mindfulness and spirituality. Guided by experienced teachers, you can learn different meditation techniques and engage in activities that foster self-discovery. The tranquil ambiance of the center, along with the beautiful gardens, provides the perfect setting to embark on a profound inner journey. Address: Office No 623, Road No 2205, Manama, Bahrain. Website:

Mindful Retreats in Manama, Bahrain

Manama offers a range of mindful retreats that allow you to escape the city’s chaos and immerse yourself in a peaceful and serene environment. Here are two exceptional retreats in Manama.

1. The Domain Hotel and Spa – This luxurious retreat in Manama offers a holistic experience for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The Domain Spa provides an extensive array of treatments, including massages, facials, and body wraps using high-quality organic products. The retreat also hosts yoga and meditation sessions, allowing guests to find solace and attain a profound level of tranquility. With its serene location overlooking the Arabian Gulf, The Domain Hotel and Spa is truly a gem that offers a perfect blend of wellness and serenity. Address: Building 365, Road 1705, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Bahrain. Website:

2. Awali Yoga & Wellness – Located amidst the charming landscapes of Bahrain’s southern coast, Awali Yoga & Wellness is an idyllic retreat that focuses on nurturing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The retreat offers yoga sessions tailored to individuals’ needs, coupled with holistic healing practices and meditation sessions. With its serene surroundings and warm hospitality, Awali Yoga & Wellness is a true gem, allowing participants to reconnect with nature and find inner balance. Address: Awali Avenue, Sarr BD 303, Karrana, Bahrain. Website:

In conclusion, with its wide array of spas, yoga studios, and mindful retreats, Manama, Bahrain, provides an oasis of tranquility and well-being. Whether you seek relaxation through indulgent spa treatments, wish to deepen your yoga practice, or embark on a transformative retreat, Manama has something to offer for everyone. These hidden gems in the city will surely leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed in mind, body, and soul.